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Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe*

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Experiences: Costume / Character,Dance Troupe,Dancing,Event Entertainment

The Chinese Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe has become a popular feature during worldwide events. These legendary creatures are an integral part of Chinese tradition where dragons are believed to be helpful, friendly creatures whom are linked to good luck, long life and wisdom and lions bring them prosperity, health, longevity and blessing.

With a troupe of 9 performers holding the dragon and with another leading the dragon with a 'Pearl' of wisdom our Chinese Dragon dance troupe is the most experienced dance troupe in the UK. Headed by Grandmaster Yap Leong a Kung-Fu expert, they have continuously performed in London's China Town during the Mooncake Festivals and the Chinese New Year festival for over 20 years. Appearing on numerous outdoor events and festivals they have performed twice on BBC's Blue Peter and in 2012 they appeared live on the X-factor as part of the supporting act for renowned singer Alicia Keys.

The Lion Dance Team comes in a smaller team of 5 people initially moving slowly as the music grows louder the lion comes to live and performs the routine of eating the greens (chian) and spilling them out in three directions.

In addition to their notable TV appearances, they have also had the honor of meeting the Prince of Wales and performing for the film premier of the Last Emperor, as well as being given the opportunity to dance with a dragon donated to them by the Chinese government.

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