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Experiences: Break Dance,Dance Troupe,Dancing,Event Entertainment

FireForce break dancers are a hand-picked team of the most experienced, energetic and professional dancers in the industry. They deliver a combination of exciting flips, tricks, footwork and funky fresh moves, to the highest standards which makes them outstanding performers, guaranteeing to mesmerise your audience.

FireForce have provided fresh, high energy dance shows all over the world for a wide variety of clients including Nike (performing at an in-store promotion for the Nike female dance wear range), T-Mobile (members of FireForce danced outside T-Mobile stores across the country gathering crowds on the streets and inside shopping centres as part of a massive promotion) and alongside promotional staff for Budweiser, where they wowed the crowds with spectacular flips and Michael Jackson style moves before handing our samples of the popular beer.

Members of FireForce have also been teaching the art of 'bboying' since 1999, providing workshops which are carefully adapted to the needs of all ages and abilities.

Travelling all around the world and providing incredible high energy dance shows, FireForce are an exciting urban dance act like no other.

For more information on FireForce or any of our other dancers please contact KruTalent on 0207 610 7120.