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Oriental Fantasy*

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Experiences: Dance Troupe,Dancing,Event Entertainment,Fire Performer,Language-French,Language-Spanish,Poi Performer

Oriental Fantasy is a new and totally unique dance theatre company. The act is brought to life by the use of props such as fire, silk and swords. Blending Middle Eastern belly dance with Western jazz, ballet and acrobatics, fashioning an exotic Arabian experience.

The international award winning dancers and fire artists take their spectators on a magical carpet ride to explore a world of genies, fairies and demons. With glamorous belly dancers, amazing costumes, unique choreography, astonishing oriental fantasy pieces, heart lifting romantic ensembles. Even thrilling scenes from the 1001 Nights, such as Sinbad, and Aladdin. Oriental Fantasy is guaranteed to add exoticism and spectacle to any corporate or festival event. The skilled professionals are able to perform and adapt the performance to any environment. Add a snake dancer for added charm.

Prepare to be dazzled and whisked away on this magical spectacle. You will not be able to take your eyes away.

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