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Warrior Monks

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Experiences: Dance Troupe,Dancing,Event Entertainment,Hand2Hand,Martial Artist

The Warrior Monks are a UK strong team of 10 who perform the martial art 'Shaolin', which is an ancient 1500yr old form of Kung -Fu involving channeling Buddhism. There is an exciting fusion of ancient martial arts and modern stage performing, infused with Shaolin temple music from China.

The Warrior monks formed in 2009 under the guidance of Matthew Ahmet; the UK'S only eastern disciple to tour with the world famous Shaolin Temple wheel of life show.
Since then the Warrior Monks have performed to hundreds of thousands of people in their live acts both nationally and internationally.

Appearing on Britain's Got Talent to great praise from the judges, the Warrior Monks have gone on to perform on hits shows such as ITV's 'sing if you can' and were the featured act for Chinese New year.

Creating bigger and better performances and touring the UK the Warrior Monks have gone on to achieve great success.

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