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Arabic Calligrapher

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Experiences: Event Entertainment

Osman is a young and extremely talented artist that pursued his passion and ability in fine art. Dedicated to studying the traditional script of the Arabian Peninsula, Osman has been striving to keep the art of calligraphy alive.

All his pieces are handwritten, using traditional tools such as dip pens, brushes and quills, all dipped in a variety of inks.

His extensive range of scripts can be used for both large and small jobs alike, from custom handwritten place cards, invitations, envelope addressing to poems, decorative borders or company logos.

Perfect for gifts at corporate events, table settings with a difference or product launches, our Arabic Calligrapher will bring an iconic and elegant art form to your occasion, leaving a unique and lasting impression.

Osman also specialises in teaching the artform and runs workshops throughout the UK.

To find out more about what we can offer with regards to our Arabic Calligrapher, please contact KruTalent on 0207 610 7120.