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Chris - The Hypnotist

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Experiences: Event Management,Magician

Chris is a Hampshire based close-up magician and hypnotist. He regularly wows audiences at weddings, team building activities, corporate and private events.
With his modern and contemporary style, Chris will amaze your guests performing unconventional tricks at any event or campaign.

Chris is also performs hypnosis, but he does not perform the sort of hypnosis you will see on stage on holiday. Chris will not do anything to make any of your guests look stupid or feel embarrassed, he always ensures that the person who has the most fun is the person under hypnosis. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t an immense amount of fun for everyone else, Chris can induce fits of laughter, the inability to move parts of your body, what about forgetting your name? what about forgetting everything? Chris can even make himself completely invisible to the subject or make them completely unable to tell the truth.

Chris will be the talking point of your event and will make it that much more memorable!

For more information on Chris or any other entertainers please contact KruTalent International on 0207 610 7120.