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Glacial Art

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Experiences: Sculptor

Glacial Art is the creation of two master ice craftsmen. After finding their way through many roles with in the creative industry and learning from some of the most talented sculptors in all forms, including clay, wax, wood, metal, rubber and resin, these artists settled on ice whilst freelancing in London.

Since 2006, Glacial art have designed and created Ice sculptures for clients such as Jaguar, Reebok, Gucci, Rolex, Smirnoff and the MTV music awards.

Glacial Art regularly conduct live ice sculpting for schools, councils and corporate clients.

For the past 4 years the Glacial Art team have been competing in the European Ice Sculpting Championships representing the UK, coming away winning 1st place (2009) and 3rd Place (2010 & 2011).

To enquire about our glacial artists, call KruTalent International 0207 610 7120.