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Experiences: Football Freestyler

Norwegian born Charlotte is without doubt one of the world’s finest female football freestylers. As one of only 8 people in the national team of Streetfootball Norway, Charlotte is the only girl representing her half of the population with a fantastic attitude of, “anything the guys can do – so can the girls!”

Growing up in Norway, she played football until she was 18 then decided to put more time into her freestyling, which she had been doing since the age of 13.

In 2006 Charlotte landed a place in the finals of the Streetfootball World Cup in Germany and has since featured in The Sun “Keep up” and webuyanycar.com TV commercials (UK).

Not only is Charlotte well known for appearing on Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker teaching the England forward some of her tricks, she also presents her own TV show on Disney XD in Scandinavia called "Disney XD Football Academy" as well as presenting and freestyling on Disney UK’s “Goalmouth” show.

In 2013 Charlotte performed at the Champion’s League Final at Wembley and is the regular choice of freestyler for the Women’s FA Cup

For more information about Charlotte or any of our other football Freestylers please contact KruTalent on 0207 610 7120.