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Jon - Speed Painter

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Experiences: Airbrush Specialist,Event Entertainment

The international man of artistry.

Jon has been appearing in his current incarnation since 2000, after studying Fine Art to degree level in the 1980's. He has worked across Britain as a 'street artist' throughout the 80's and early 90's, whilst also producing work to commission; before going on to work as a scenic artist, creating art for film, TV and the music industry.

Now Jon has created three meticulously rehearsed shows, choreographed to music, which provides a powerful spectacle of an artist in action. In addition to this, Jon is also a highly acclaimed pavement artist.

One of three rehearsed shows, Icons consists of a speedy performance whereby Jon recreates a 6ft tall pre-determined iconic image in a matter of minutes, upside down! This show enthralls viewers as they watch in wonder as Jon performs with speed, style, dexterity and immaculate timing to music. Not only is he an icon artist he does it with tremendous speed! Jon is a fantastic, spectacular and totally original artist. He has developed shows that are ideal for all kinds of events, available in a variety of mediums.

Jon appears in street festivals, arts festivals, cabarets and corporate events. He is also a core member of the smash hit variety company Slightly Fat Features, whose shows at Pleasance One at Edinburgh drew rave reviews.