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Albert Ball's Flying Aces

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Experiences: Band,Musician

Albert Ball's Flying Aces was reputedly formed in 1916 by the aviators of 266 Squadron R.F.C.
Following their daily aerial dog-fights high above the trenches, they would gather in the evenings to play then-popular music on whatever instruments were to hand, naming themselves after a famous airman of the time.

Following the 1918 Armistice, they used their music to try to bring peace and understanding to a 1920's world, performing the pop music of the age: Ragtime and Jass (later spelt Jazz), 1910's parlous songs, French and German polkas and chansons, faux-exotic dance numbers and laments, Great War propaganda songs, Music-Hall rabble-rousers and sentimental ballads- music which epitomises the spirit of that lost generation, resolutely jaunty and upbeat in the face of terrible loss and adversity.

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