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Kacchi Ghodi || India

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Experiences: Dancing,Event Entertainment,Musician

Kachhi Ghodi is one of the most famous dance and folk art forms in Rajasthan.

Accompanied by drummers it brings out the vivid hues and the rustic charms of rural life.

It is a sprightly dance where men and women dress in costumes to look like horses and pretend to be cavalry soldiers or bandits.

The costume from the hip down is a wooden horse and the footwork is coordinated with the beats of the drums and flutes to resemble the trotting movements of the horse rider.

Kacchi Ghodi is performed by men on dummy horses with swords in their hands. They wear elaborate costumes embellished with brilliant mirror-work and move to the beats of drums and fifes.

Kachhi Ghodi is traditionally performed at wedding receptions. During the ballad song, the dancers perform a mock fight to dramatize the scenes of the exploits of the Bavarian bandit.

Kachhi Ghodi of Rajasthan is a famous folk dance full of zest and colour that will bring the taste of India to your event!