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Furry Chairs*

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Experiences: Acting,Comedian,Costume / Character,Event Entertainment

As a child did you imagine daring adventures in mythical lands, with magical companions and magnificent steeds? Your wish has came true... we present The Furry Chairs!

Two giant walking armchairs convey their young charges around your event. The ever curious Freya and her adopted younger brother the philosophical monster Grumph. Played in a style of wide eyed innocence, and high lighting the importance of friendship and adventure. These enchanting characters combine the slap-stick comedy of a Bernie Clifton style ostrich illusion with the subtleties of cable controlled animatronic puppetry.

The Furry Chairs are perfect for children's parties, festivals and bat mizvahs!

Fore more information on the Furry Chairs or any other costume characters, please contact your Account Manager.