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Flaming Victoriana Trees, Lamposts and Tulips

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Are you looking for that magical visual installation to set your event aside from the rest and create an authentic atmosphere?

Simplicity and poise are embodied within our six Victorian inspired Lampposts. Filling courtyards and gardens with glowing charm, they also feature the ability to emit a burst of warming flame at your desire.

The Victoriana Trees are smoking, flaming and beautifully lit. Our six Flaming Victoriana style trees bring the magic of fairy tales right to the doorstep.

Our four elegant and imposing tulips are beautifully lit from beneath and emit atmospheric smoke to fill your outdoor venue with a bewitching ambiance. The flaming beacons can be programmed to release an impressive ball of fire and warmth.

For more information about our Flaming Victoriana Trees, Lamposts or Tulips, please contact KruTalent on 0207 610 7120.