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Historic Falconers

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Experiences: Event Entertainment

With a unique style, they are one of the longest established professional historic falconers in the UK and also specialist demonstrators, humorous performers, interpreters and amusing story tellers.

They have a core team of 20 trained hawks, owls and falcons so they can carefully select the right birds for each job and venue.

They can provide different "Periods" themed performances, with a big selection of great costumes and stories that will inspire young and old and will amaze audiences at any event.

Historic falconers have provided birds for stills, advertising and publications and they've been featured in many TV documentaries and programmes including "Inside The Homes of Henry VIII" for BBC2, "Warrior School" for Channel 5 or "Going Medieval" for Channel 4.

To find out more about these unique Historic Falconers, call KruTalent on 0207 610 7120.