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The Shadow Dancers

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Experiences: Dance Troupe,Dancing,Event Entertainment,Kru Talent

The Shadow Dancers are a group of professional silhouette performers who have conquered art of shadow dancing.

Their current show is based around the incredible capabilities, inventions and achievements throughout our history! Watch as the main character is taken on a journey to look back at what we've achieved! Stunning images are shown of the building of the first wheel; A pyramid, An Egyptian sphinx; Discovering gravity; The building of a steam train; Electricity; Green energy with windmills; A car; Aero plane; Phone; The digital age with Wi-Fi, tablets, phones and cameras; Space travel and of course walking on the moon! The show is about our past, our growth, the present and looking optimistically forward to our future! Ultimately asking the question: Together, what can be achieved next?

Put together by a team of gymnasts and sports acrobats that create incredible balances, dances and somersaults all whilst melting their silhouettes into one unique and mesmerising image one after the other, this is a show which has to be seen live.
With a keen eye to detail and highly skilled acrobats, this is an inspiring piece set to an uplifting soundtrack.

Having performed all over the world and to clients including Elle, Avon, Dubai Shopping Festival, Smirnoff, Swarovski, Nivea and Rolls-Royce to name a few, your audience reaction to these diligent performers will speak for itself.

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