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Naked Sushi Experience*

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Experiences: Event Entertainment

Traditional Nyotaimori is of Japanese origin and it involves food being served from the naked body of a model who is trained in the art of Nyotaimori.

If you cherish new and exotic experiences then naked lady sushi is one that you will never forget. This dining practice is both erotic and exciting.

As well as beautiful models they offer exceptional quality cuisine. Their chefs prepare world class sushi and also a variety of other exotic gourmet dishes.

Nyotaimori sushi typically lasts anywhere from one to two hours, however they can extend the time depending upon access to food service and prep areas and size of the event.

To dine Nyotaimori is an unforgettable experience!

For more information about a Naked Sushi Experience, please contact KruTalent at 0207 610 7120