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Fashion Tarot

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Experiences: Event Entertainment,Kru Talent

If you think world fortune telling only belongs to ancient wisdom, get ready to change your mind and add some glitter. As featured at the Milan Fashion Week, this exclusive Fashion Tarot will make you enter a world of fun, where fortune telling involves VIP's life anecdotes and unusual facts, such as what does Donatella Versace’s slipper card mean? Can suggestions about love be found in Madonna’s rings card? How can Karl Lagerfeld’s chocolate card suggest a false move that can be avoided?

Our Fashion Tarot reader will arrive to your event with either her V.I.P Celebrity Couples cards, or her Celebrity Fashion Designer cards. She will sit amoung guests and have 1 on 1 sessions where she reads their chosen cards to see how these celebrity incidents relate to their lives. Be prepared to be wowed with the similarities and lessons to be learnt.

This unique tarot has been designed to provide a unique experience to your guests and add some extra value to your event. Perfect for fashion events, batmizvah's, award ceremonies or retail, this is an act which women simply love!

To find out more about The Fashion Tarot, please contact your Account Manager.