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VIP Celebrity Tarot

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Experiences: Event Entertainment,Kru Talent

The VIP Celebrity Tarot will take you onto an incredible journey that will reveal a lot of things that you would have never thought of.

Do we really want to live happily ever after? That sounds a bit boring but luckily, relationships are not: we fall in love, share dreams, argue, change, want each other, can’t stand each other, live... It’s a fabulous adventure.
These unique cards, created by our exclusive cartoonist in love with love’s idiosyncrasies, are inspired by VIP celebrity lives.

Do we need a rock ‘n roll couple like Kate Moss? Were we destined like Michelle and Barack Obama? Or we need to explore a bit more, and will realise the third time’s the charm, like Angelina Jolie did?

Through this incredible journey you will find out more about VIP's life choices and their experiences and at the same time you will discover something incredible about yourself that you would have never thought of... Because at the end all we need is the same, this amazing but at the same time complicated thing called love.

For more information on the VIP Celebrity Tarot, or any other themed tarots, please contact your Account Manager.