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In Telly Gents*

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Experiences: Event Entertainment,Kru Talent

Switch on and get clued up to the most ingenious double act around!

They made a light hearted debut at Glastonbury 2013 and have since seen their popularity take a meteoric rise. Popular either as an extraordinary DJ act or as walkabout characters they become an integral part of any event.

These performers are part man, part telly. Using a hi-tech live camera feed, what you see facing back at you on the TV Head screen is you! Then when the performer presses a button on his briefcase the screen switches over to play any DVD of your choice. This could be your logo, promotional DVD or favourite film. The options are limitless!

Great entertainers the In Telly Gents have performed on behalf of MTV Russia, The naughty Reunion, Bestival, Oceana and even in Richard Branson’s back yard!

These avant garde, slightly camp gentlemen make an excellent alternative addition to your event.

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