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Event Interpretation Painter || France

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Experiences: Event Entertainment,Kru Talent

Our Event Interpretation Painter has an extraordinary talent of converting observations into an unusual and wonderful artistic interpretation.

On the day of the event our painter arrives early and starts on the background, so that she can focus on adding key people during your party. With every painting, she aims to capture the specific mood, lighting and colour of a space, as well as the most important people and details of your party, while interacting with your guest as they watch the scene unfold on canvas.

Having a Event Interpretation Painter at your event is a highly fashionable way to capture special-once-in-a-lifetime moments, creating an elegant painting that captures emotion and atmosphere as it unfolds right in front of them.

Any event can be painted including Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar-Mitzvahs, Christmas Parties, Corporate events, or any type of special party or occasion. Our Event Interpretation Painter has painted at events such as the Nice Jazz Festival and International Watercolor Festival as well as collaborating with French/German cultural television "ARTE" for the series "Paysages d'ici et d'ailleurs" with watercolor paintings and drawings.

Our Event Interpretation Painter creates unique memento's of the occasion which you will treasure.

For more information on our Event Interpretation Painter please contact your Account Manager.