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Luca Fiore

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Experiences: Acoustic Band ,Band,Bluegrass Band,Blues Band,Choir,Covers Band,Cuban Band,Event Entertainment,Exhibitions,Folk Band,Funk Band,Gypsy Band,Jazz Band,Language-German,Language-Italian,Language-Spanish,Musician,Orchestra,Pop Band,Producer,Rock Band,Rock n Roll Band,Samba Band,Singing,Song Writer,Soul Band,String Band,Swing Band

Luca is an Italian singer-songwriter and an electric, acoustic and classical guitarist based in London with a degree in contemporary music.
He released his first single “I Drink Water” from his EP “Behind The Clouds” in January 2015.

His style is a mix of various music genres such as rock, fusion, pop, metal, bossa nova and classical music, with a subtle progressive approach. His lyrics are inspired by strong life experiences and meaningfully blended with some fine arrangements and intricate guitar lines.

He is very confident with improvisation, soloing and performing with other musicians. He had a residency at The Palm Beach Casino where he jammed over the top of a DJ alongside with a saxophonist.

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