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Hodman and Sally

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Experiences: Acting,Children's Entertainer,Comedian,Costume / Character,Event Entertainment

Hodman and Sally have lived happily by themselves for hundreds of years, blissfully unaware of the changing world around them. Now they have ventured out in search of fame, fortune and friendship, enjoying a second youth touring the world with their possessions strapped to their backs.

The delightfully captivating Hodman and Sally are a small pair of wonderful wanderers from the proud country of Oblivia. Despite being completely oblivious (and proud of it) Hodman and Sally will
adorably attempt to explain the new and baffling world around them. The effect of meeting this unique and memorable couple is often described as 'spellbinding'­ with people of all ages becoming completely captivated by the ingenious illusion and witty personalities of the two characters. A totally heart­warming and magical walkabout performance.

These characters are "pod" puppets where the puppeteer is completely concealed within the costume. This creates the charming illusion of an elderly couple of miniature proportions, with huge personalities and a not­ so­firm grip on the ways of modern living.

This Christmas, enjoy their attempts at Christmas shopping and carol singing (although singing may not be quite the right word!).

Hodman and Sally will delight audiences with it's witty improvisation, charming personality and utterly captivating effect.

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