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Caravan of Lost Souls*

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Experiences: Event Entertainment,Fire Performer,Juggler

The Caravan of Lost Souls is a traveling circus complete with unique “pop-up” cabaret stage! Designed around a Victorian platform trolley, the entire stage (erected by a crack team of trained Circus chimps) folds up or down in under 2 minutes – into a mysterious looking wheeled trunk - ready for wheeling to its next port of call.

The sheer adaptability of the Caravan of Lost Souls means it can be used in many environments – rumbling into the performance space from out of nowhere; erecting in a flash, 45 minutes of acts… and disappearing before your guests’ amazed eyes… can also be done in 20 minute bursts, move to the next location and another 20 minutes etc.

If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop to accompany any street style acts then this is the item you require. Not only does it tie all of the acts into one show that is hosted by, non-other, then Igor Rasputin himself but it comes fully equipped with lighting and sound to help give it that eerie-Victoriana feel!