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Duetto Focus || Poland

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Experiences: Adagio,Contortionist,Event Entertainment,Hand2Hand

Duetto Focus gives you the chance to enjoy the combination of female grace and flexibility with male's strength and coordination. This act is a fusion of dance, tumbling and partnering skills that involve incredible acrobatic movements at the highest level. Their perfect bodies remember Greek sculptures.

They have won different awards on prestigious circus festivals as the silver award and special award in the International Circus Festival of “Kobzov" 2014 in Ukraine. The Laureates public award in the Circus Festival "Feux the la Rampe" 2010 in Paris. The Special Award at the Warsaw Circus Festival in 2011 and the third place in the Cracow Circus Festival in 2013.

They have performed at many private & corporate events, circus and theatre performances all over the world, in countries such as: Mexico, Indonesia, India, Dubai, Qatar, Spain, England, France. Germany and Italy.

This act creates unique and unforgettable impressions that will captivate your guests and will leave them talking about it for a long time!

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