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Six Harmonies Lion Dance Team

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Experiences: Dance Troupe,Dancing,Event Entertainment,Musician

During Chinese New Year, lion dance troupes traditionally visited shops and houses in the community to perform the custom of blessing and bestowing good fortune in the coming year. This custom called chai ching, literally means ‘plucking the greens’, a quest by the lion to pluck the lettuce tied to a ’Hung Bao' (red packet) containing money; either hung high up or just put on a table in front of the premises.
The lion would dance around eventually approaching the lettuce like a curious cat. Puzzled by it and toying with it at first, then eventually the lion would 'eat' the lettuce before 'spitting' it. The lion dance is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the business and the troupe is rewarded with the ‘Hung Bao’.

The Six Harmonies Lion Dance crew have been performing ‘blessings’ and dances to mark Weddings, Chinese New Year Celebrations, School cultural events, Fetes and many other events both during the busy Chinese New year season and throughout the rest of the year.

In April 2013 The Six Harmonies Lion Dance crew were invited to perform at the Bahrain F1 Circuit over the entire 3 day event and take part in the opening parade to mark the start of the race on the Sunday. They were asked to perform 6 shows a day for 2 days to entertain the thousands who come to the Formula one Circuit in temperatures mid to high 30's! On race day, they were asked to be part of the opening ceremony which was televised Worldwide to over 600,000,000 people!

For more information about our Lion dance troupe; which consists of 6 performers: 2 gymnasts in the lion, 1 drummer, 1 gong and 1 symbol player and a Cheeky Chaser, please contact your Account Manager.