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Intu Uxbridge – Kung Fu Panda Chinese Painting Workshop

What Our Clients Said

  • Location: Intu Uxbridge
  • Date: 17th February 2016
  • Client: Intu Uxbridge

Activity Summary

Ahead of the release of Kung Fu Panda 3, Intu Uxbridge organised a Chinese painting workshop – the aim of the activity was to teach Intu’s customers how to draw and paint traditional Chinese inspired items such as bamboo trees and Chinese flowers.

Kru Solution

We selected one of our best Chinese painters to run 4 x 1 hour workshops at Intu Uxbridge.

Keeping in mind that this workshop was intended for children of all ages and families alike, our painter selected different artworks including simpler designs for smaller children to get all family members involved and make them have as much fun as possible!

Our artist provided all of the necessary materials (covering 12-15 participants per session) including coloured ink, rice papers and brushes to ensure everybody had access to the best tools to draw their master pieces.


Increased shopper dwell time

Approx 52 masterpieces drawn

Very happy consumers & client!


Intu- kung Fu Panda_ 17th Feb--18

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