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Rouge Events – The Darkness Within at the Mondrian

What Our Clients Said

“A huge thank you to you and your team for all the hard work you’ve put into this event - I can clearly see that a lot of thought and creative thinking was put into it which was genuinely very much appreciated, it’s been super helpful to understand just what you guys can do when it comes to a genuinely creative brief.”

Nathan, managing director at Rouge Events

  • Location: The Mondrian Hotel
  • Date: 31st October 2015
  • Client: Rouge Events

Activity Summary

In association with Event management agency, Rouge; Kru Talent delivered a myriad of spooktakular performers to host a series of Kubrick inspired theatrical experiences at ‘The Darkness within’ Halloween party in the Rumpus Room at the exclusive Mondrian Hotel.

Kru Solution

Carefully treading into the wonderful world of fantasy Kru Talent’s performers immersed themselves in a theatrical world of ‘sinful pleasures and illicit thrills’ involving slaves, spooky servants and dog hosts, in support of the Stanley Kubrick inspired theme at the spectacular, Mondrian Hotel.

The actors underwent extensive costume and makeup and were required to remain in their solemn characters throughout their performance, as they welcomed guests into one of the four ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ experience rooms (held in the aptly named Rumpus Room), as they stepped into a dark world of fantasy ‘at its demonic, debauched best’.


One delighted client

Outstanding performance of our spooky team

Dozens of curious guests



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